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Marldon's Alan Walton sky dives for charity

Marldon's Alan Walton sky dives for charity

Alan braved the skies and launched himself from a plane in the name of charity on the 19th November. CLIC Sargent, the charity chosen by Alan’s daughter with whom he skydived, helps children and young people who have been diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia. Starting from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, CLIC Sargent aims to help the children and their families, including financial and emotional support throughout the entire process, and to help minimise the effects of cancer so that the young people can continue to thrive and enjoy their life as much as is possible.

Alan and his daughter have already done a fantastic job of raising funds for such a deserving cause and are still taking donations to help reach their target of £1,500. If you would like to help, visit Any donations would be warmly received.

Marldon is delighted to be able to support Alan in his fundraising efforts, who said that it was “the experience of a lifetime”. We look forward to finding out what daring stunt is next on the list!


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