Sustainability is all about responsibility – recognising that the resources of the world are finite, and that those who use them are responsible for ensuring that they remain for future generations.

At Marldon, we passionately believe that sustainability means taking a considered approach that examines our  effect on the natural environment and the community in which we live and work.

So what do we do to contribute? Many of the consultants on our team ensure that the effects of our projects on the local and wider environment are minimised. These include:


– sustainability experts advising on best practice;

– mechanical and electrical engineers advising on fuel sources;

– air quality experts;

– sound consultants measuring the effect of the project and the development upon the local community; – traffic experts minimising the effect of associated transport; and

– ecologists looking at our impact upon the natural environment.

Our waste and recycling policy on average has resulted in 98% of materials being recycled. Our procurement policy is to look for products sustainably sourced and accredited – especially our timber, assisted by our Joinery Department. We use products not just made in the UK but produced by UK manufacturers, so that the transport connected with our supply chain is minimised and so that we use our projects to invest in the jobs and industry associated with revival of UK manufacturing and UK business.

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