Construction & Project Management

Marldon’s construction division specialises in designing and building projects on bespoke or problematic sites in Central London.


We project manage and build all our own sites. Our team proactively manages and participates in the design and build process of each development, from inception to completion.

Marldon undertakes many different types of projects. For example, our developments can include large structural alterations and extensions, or we might undertake the refurbishment of a listed building. In addition, we acquire sites that require us to demolish existing structures and construct a new building from scratch.

We fit our projects with attention to detail and high quality workmanship using Marldon’s bespoke joinery to provide a stunning decorative finish. We take pride in the loyalty and courtesy of our employees, fostering a can-do attitude with consistent investment in them through training and judicious promotions.


We are very proud of our construction employees. Their different skill-sets (many of them learnt at Marldon) enable us to undertake specialist tasks, including demolition, foundation and substructure work, creating large reinforced concrete structures, installing damp proofing systems, and building brick structures and enclosing walls.

We also undertake more delicate tradesmanship, such as installing complex electrical and plumbing systems, tiling and plastering walls and bathroom floors.


After a typical project, we will ‘hand-over’ a newly formed, well-designed product that is within budget and is compliant with the regulations. The property will then be retained as part of our portfolio or sold.

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