Grenfell Tower

As advertised elsewhere on our website, members of Marldon’s team at  at Prescot House live in the Grenfell Tower area and have been affected by it . As members of the Ladbroke Grove community, and as builders and property developers, we are all too aware of this tragedy and its ongoing repercussions for the survivors. However we are also aware of the strength and vibrancy of the local community, which rose up to spearhead the support for the victims of the disaster. The people of Grenfell still need our support. We urge you to make a donation to the Rugby Portobello Trust which was and is instrumental in supporting the needs of the families involved. You can donate here.

The Project

We acquired Phase 1 of this project, named Prescot House, 31/33 Prescot Street E1,  off-market  in 2014. The premises were, until August 2014, the offices and stores for John Kelly’s London Ltd, a business dealing in aromatic and essential oils, who have now moved to more modern premises. We immediately started negotiations on Phase 2 for the neighbouring building on the corner of 99 Mansell Street, which we acquired in October 2015.

Having achieved a planning permission for Phase 1 in July 2015, our architect Khalim Maudarbocous of Smith & Brooke Architects went on to negotiate a much more complicated permission for an exciting mixed use building, incorporating the original 28 serviced apartments and 4500 sqft of prime office space into a larger scheme of 57 serviced apartments with their own reception, eating facilities and concierge space, and roughly 8050 sqft of prime office space. Khalim is ably assisted by Jo Ha and is backed up by Simon Smith, one of the founders of the practice.

The project is a return for Marldon to the disciplines of new build development.  It is run by Marldon’s most experienced Site Agent, Bhimji Vora. His energy and enthusiasm bring passion and excellence to every stage of the project, in terms of the quality of work, attention to detail, financial discipline and delivery on programme.

The offices are being designed now with a view to a ‘Category A’ fit out by Marldon to provide a modern, flexible and yet bespoke office space, which allows the ability to create open plan working areas, or divide the floor space according to different workflow types, or indeed to install  a linear traditional office with partitioned rooms, all serviced by Daikin air conditioning and fresh air ventilation with high speed internet and data capability. Work starts in 2018 – watch this space!!

Timeline of Construction programme at Prescot House:
Completion of Prescot House Structure overall: Mid September 2016
Completion of Prescot House Envelope: Mid December 2016
Completion of Combined Scheme Structure Overall: End June 2017
Forecast Completion of Combined Scheme: End July 2018

Progress On Site: See Monthly Neighbours’ Newsletter under LINKS

Our Achievements:

10/12/2014 – CCS 1st Visit – Site score 41/50

April 2015 – Network Rail start renovation of roof behind Church, where damage was being caused, largely due to Marldon’s negotiations between neighbours

04/06/2015 – CCS 2nd Visit – Site Score 42/50 – Performance Beyond Compliance

11/11/2015 – Full Planning Permission & s106 for Prescot House

11/11/2015 – Contract placed for U.K. manufactured steel throughout the building

18/03/2016 – No 1 Ranking for Site Visits among Associate Members of CCS

January 2016 – Contract placed for all concrete sourced within the local borough, London Borough of Tower Hamlets – supporting local goods and services

March 2016 – 100% recycle waste so far

August 2016 – 8th floor at Prescot House is cast  and Phase 1 Structural Works are now complete.

September 2016 – External & Internal Walls start going up on Phase 1 from 2nd floor up.

05/10/16 – Demolition of 99 Mansell Street [Phase 2] is complete. Ground works to begin next week.

12/10/16 – Ground works in Phase 2 begin.

End October 2016 – Services to start in earnest on apartments, from 2nd floor up.

30/06/17 – Roof slab poured and structure complete overall

04/07/17 – CCS monitor scores 42/50 – read about it here.

Neighbourliness and Community:

“Marldon recognise that building works can be noisy and a nuisance. We are committed to maintaining excellent relations with our neighbourhood and the wider community in the most difficult of circumstances. Affected neighbours are updated regularly by the site agent and by newsletter, copies of which can be seen on our hoarding as well.” Henry Bartlett- Construction Partner

Johnnie Fairfax from our Property Department has been appointed to head up our Community Liaison, acting in the interests of 3rd parties who are affected by our works. Please feel free to make any comment, complaint – or compliment ! – to him at or call our head office on 020 7627 7600. Please read our Neighbour and Community Newsletters under LINKS at the right hand side of this page.

School Presentation:

We were delighted to be able to make a presentation of an apple tree to the local school London Fields Primary School on 19th September 2016. Read about it here.

Archaeology at Prescot House and 99 Mansell Street:

There has been an exciting amount of archaeology uncovered at this site, giving us a window in to it’s place in the 2,000 years of London’s history, Read about it here.

In February 2016, the archaeologists made a presentation to Notting Hill Preparatory School in Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington. The presentation was a huge success and the school reported in their newsletter:

Archaeology Assembly – The JCB was regally entertained by archaeologist Florence Laino during Wednesday assembly. She talked about her motivation – a love of History at school – for choosing what is clearly her passion, as well as profession. Florence talked us through her current projects, in London’s Minories and allowed children to view artefacts, encouraging them to make informed deductions. It was a mirror held up to bygone ages and our appreciation of them. Thank you to Marldon for unearthing Florence and making her visit possible”

Marldon are now discussing further visits to schools in Tower Hamlets with our archaeologists and the possibility of setting up an ‘Archaeological Workshop’ for interested children.

Traffic Flows And Disruptions:

The site we have at the combined address of 31-33 Prescot Street and 99 Mansell Street is landlocked and fronts on to a busy pedestrian and vehicular thoroughfare, providing a major artery into the City and the Aldgate gyratory system. We therefore instruct each driver coming to our site to take extreme care when approaching the site, giving us 20 minutes notice of their arrival, so that we can have the men in place to accept deliveries in the fastest time frame possible. Our 4 trained traffic Marshalls and banksmen ensure the passage of vehicles next to our site is kept running smoothly with minimal disruption. Lorries are made to reverse over the crossover in front of the site and on to our forecourt behind the hoarding. Our hoarding system is flexible and easily moved to ensure speed of removal and we attend on each delivery until the driver pulls away once more from the front of the site.

Our site accommodation is now housed on the corner of Mansell Street and Chamber Street, taking up a large section of the pavement in front of the site. We have therefore reluctantly closed the bicycle path in front of our hoarding to ensure everyone’s safety, and at peak times we have 2 trained traffic Marshalls policing this to ensure all bicyclists dismount and walk the short distance.

We work very closely with TFL to minimise the disruption to your journey. We apologise for the intrusion and inconvenience and will return the pavement to normal usage as soon as possible.

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