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In Memory Of Vincent Hughes. 1954-2020.

In Memory Of Vincent Hughes. 1954-2020.

“You always know know when Vince is happy,
He doesn’t stop singing Chelsea songs, when the team of brickies are laying bricks.
He had a great knowledge of Chelsea Football Club.
If someone said, ‘Peter Osgood scored a goal in the 86th minute,’
Vince would stop you and say, ‘It was the 81st minute to be precise.’
That’s Vince.
The fellow bricklayers would like to pay tribute to you mate and say,
Keep that blue flag flying high, Vince, and pleasant dreams.
You will be missed at work and at Chelsea Football Club.
God Bless. RIP.
Vince Hughes. 1954 to 2020.”

– From Brian, Graham, Jason, Charlie, Danny

“Vince joined Marldon in the early eighties and worked for the firm for 37 years.
He took up bricklaying soon after he started work with us and picked up the trade to become a top flight bricklayer.
As the firm specialises in constructing very high quality buildings which need many and various bricklaying skills, Vince was a senior and very important part of the bricklaying team and will be sorely missed.
He was also intensely loyal to the firm and his fellow workers and a team player through and through.
From my point of view having known him all those 37 years along with Charlie, you could not have had a more pleasant and friendly relationship with an employee, who always told you what he thought and brought a smile to your face.
We all know and admire the bravery with which he fought his illness and are very sorry that in the end he lost the fight.
We will miss him. God bless him!”

– Tony Bartlett on behalf of Charlie Markes, Henry Bartlett, John Dunnington-Jefferson (and his late father Mervyn)

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